Body buck wheels

Changed the wheels on the body buck.  I quickly learned that having four swiveling wheels is a bad idea.  Went out and got 2 fixed ones.  Jeremy came over and gave me a hand with taking the body off and all that.  Makes a world of difference with the 2 fixed ones on the back side!  Also took off all of the aluminum panels and photographed everything.  I figured all of the aluminum was screwed down but there were a couple of large pieces that were just sitting in there.  Next step is for the aluminum to go to an anodizer to get colored a dark purple.  I’m thinking about leaving the floor of the trunk a clear color.  I have this idea that anyone that helps with the build gets to sign the trunk with a sharpie.  I’ll also be working on finally getting the webcam set up in the garage.  Need to punch down a drop and it should be ready to go.

More body buck

Spent some time today putting the shelf on the buck.  Also managed to find enough wood for the stands.  The frame is now sitting at a close to specified ride height of 4.75″.  Reorganized the garage.  Managed to get quite a bit more space after moving some boxes around and generally cleaning up.  There’s a lip at the front of the garage which causes some problems with moving the buck in and out.  I’ll make some mini ramps at some point but for now I still haven’t figured out an easy way to do that.  Just shave and sand some small blocks I guess.  Note to future builders:  I would strongly recommend putting at least two non-swiveling casters on the buck.  All of my casters swivel and I’ve noticed that the buck likes to head off in the wrong direction when I start pushing it.  I’m always running from end to end to straighten it out.  Also had the body outside for the first extended period of time today.  I’m sure the neighbors are wondering what the heck I’m doing.  I overheard a mom telling a toddler “it’s just the top of a car” as he started running across the street to what was going on. -)   Next step is to pull off all of the aluminum and take it for anodizing.  Then I have a big decision to make.  Either knuckle down and work on getting money together for a donor or see what I can do to bide the time.  I’ve also considering going to a junkyard and starting to grab pieces as I need them.  We’ll see what happens.

Personal aside; check out the main part of my web site to hear the heartbeat of my (due in 5 months) kid!

Body Buck

As you can see from the pics page, not only did I get the body buck done, everything is tucked nicely into the garage.  It all went together pretty quick with a lot of help from Ang, Jeremy and Amy but now I am sore all over.  I guess I better get used to that feeling. -)

Next weekend I plan on trying to reorganize the garage.  Although everything is in there it’s not really conducive to working on the car.  Also on the list is building a shelf in the body buck and some wedges to act as a ramp into the garage.

Kit pickup

A lot has happened over the last several weeks.  I got a call right after New Years from FFR letting me know I could pick up my car January 13th if I was interested.  Of course I was!  Because of the timing I decided to delete all of the options except the body cutouts for the pickup.  I’ll get the other things as I move through the build.  I flew up with my friend Jeremy Saturday morning.  We flew into Providence and picked up a Penske truck there.  On the way to FFR we stopped at another owners house to take a look at his soft top.  I hadn’t actually seen the soft top first hand and I wanted to get a look at how it fit on the car.  This guy’s place was pretty interesting.  He had old cars all over the place that he had been working on.  There was a beautiful Mercury in one garage and a Metropolitan with a small black Chevy in another.  Jeremy snapped some pics of them which I’m sure I’ll be posting up here at some point.  Onward we drove to the factory.  Picking up the car was very easy.  FFR’s been growing and they’ve had to store completed cars in another warehouse down the road.  I understand they’re in the process of building a new warehouse which they’ll be able to run the entire operation out of.  After picking up my docs we drove over to the storage warehouse.  The guys there were pretty comical.  Not Cobra enthusiasts themselves, they talked about how they got tired of looking at these kits all the time.  Can you believe it!  After we left there the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful although long.  I thought I was suffering some kind of allergy attack but it was probably some kind of flu.  My nose was bright red from all the napkins by the time we got back!  We left the factory around noon and arrived in New Market around 8:30PM.  I was lucky enough to have some great friends who could come out that evening to help unload the kit.  With four average size guys we managed to slowly remove it from the van and into the garage.  Despite what other people have told me this thing is freakin heavy!!!  )

Over the last couple of weeks I haven’t touched the car.  It’s been really tough but I was trying to prioritize studying for the CCIE.  I just got back from that this week (unsuccessful unfortunately) and now I’m gearing up to get started.  First order of business is building the body buck and getting the body off.  There’s a small chance I’ll get that done by this weekend.  Then it’s on to the aluminum panels.  I’ll be putting together a schedule for when I need to get what.  With a baby on the way we’re trying to be very careful about how we spend money.  Other items on the to-do list are: punching down the network connection in the garage, setting up the laptop out there, getting the webcam working, working on the web site and getting the garage organized for better clearance around the kit.