Laptop Reloaded

Yes, it’s that time again to rebuild my laptop and expunge the cruft that I’ve accumulated.  Yes, that’s a word, look it up!  ๐Ÿ™‚ I was going to wait until Macworld to see if the x86 iBook was announced but a number of things are coming together to make it happen now.  This thing is […]

I got the Urge…???

I have the Urge…the Urge to pick on Microsoft again. What a lame name for a music service. I can just imagine the marketing genius that came up with that name is related to the one that designed the overly cluttered Windows commercials they’re running now. “I have the Urge to download music”…”I have the […]

“the rapture for nerds,”

Glenn Reynolds over on refers to hearing the Singularity dismissed as such. That got a chuckle from me. I was listening to this WEEK in TECH this morning and the Singularity was one of the things they discussed. This is something that’s always fascinated me as I’m not sure where my beliefs fall. Kind […]

Finally, a new Systm

Kevin Rose has finally taken some time from Digg and done a new episode of Systm. If you aren’t familiar with Systm it’s a geeky tech show put out by a former TechTV guy. This one’s about one of my favorite programs that I don’t get to play with enough, Asterisk (or * if you […]


Kind of weird name but I like it… Performancing for Firefox | I just read about this over on Om Malik on Broadband : ยป Performancing for Firefox, Awesome I gotta say I think I love it. It’s basic in some regards but it seems to have everything in the right place. It looks […]

And another thing…about Firefox

I forgot to mention…there’s a lot more to Firefox. What I have below just scratches the surface. Tabbed browsing, extensions, there’s just a lot of cool stuff you can do. Get past the safe part and then check it out.

Another thing…about the safe surfing

I forgot to mention…if all of that is a bit too much to take in, buy a Mac. I don’t mean that in a disparaging way. I’m a big fan of Macs and it’s not as necessary (yet) to go through all those gymnastics. Just plug it in and go.

How to have a safe surfing experience

I seem to run into a lot of people who are still using Internet Explorer. They install all kinds of antivirus and anti-spyware tools, download google task bar (or worse, something else) for pop-up blocking and then still pray to the gods that they won’t get hurt. Seems like I’m always giving suggestions for how […]

Om Malik on Broadband : ? Gtalkr, Web-Based GTalk Client

Am I the only person who thinks security and privacy are paramount when it comes to IM services? I can’t imagine going to a 3rd party site and trusting them with my login info for multiple IM services. And they will even log the conversations! I like to use Trillian with the SecureIM feature for […]