Nearly a year since I’ve posted

Having my annual itch to start blogging again and I noticed that it’s almost a year since the last time I posted. Good grief.

What’s been going on in tech land this year? I continued to move everything for the home systems and Chia to wall mounts. That’s now complete, with the exception of the KVM and monitor which I don’t have yet.

I designed hard drive brackets for the wall mounts (40 drives in the Chia array!) and had them cut by SendCutSend. They turned out great, and what a wonderful service! It has me thinking of other projects I could do that involve sheet metal cutting.

I moved from XCP-NG on 3 low end small form factor PCs to PiMox7 on two Raspberry Pi 4’s! This has been easier than I expected, which is to say there were still a lot of challenges. I now have 6 VMs running on the PiMox cluster, with NFS storage on a small TrueNAS server. This is all house production quality only, and really just an experiment. It’s working well so far.

I’ll find some time to discuss these projects, with pictures, in the hopes it’ll inspire others to try similar unusual things.

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