Unifi APs in Grafana using SNMP

This is kind of goofy with how Ubiquiti doesn’t do well at supporting SNMP.  For one thing, they don’t support it through the controller, only directly to each AP.  But, you have to enable it at the controller to have it flip the switch on the APs so they’ll respond.  They really want you to use the API, which is great if you’re a programmer.  I am not.  I’m a router jockey, so I like SNMP.  Anyway, after finding and downloading the MIBs I had a look through them and sorted out a couple of OIDs I was interested in.  Specifically, client count per radio and Eth0 bits in and bits out.  Here’s what I loaded into Telegraf.  You need a separate inputs section for each AP you want to monitor.  Nope, not really an “Enterprise” approach.

agents = [ “192.168.x.x:161” ]  ## The IP of a single AP.
timeout = “5s”
retries = 3
version = 1
community = “RO_Community”
max_repetitions = 10
name = “UnifiWiFiOffice”
name = “Bits.Out”
oid = “”
name = “Bits.In”
oid = “”
name = “2.4.Clients”
oid = “”
name = “5.0.Clients”
oid = “”

4 thoughts on “Unifi APs in Grafana using SNMP

  1. Does the oids for 2.4/5.0 clients really work for you? always return 0 for me and (5.0 clients) returns ng

    1. It did for a while, but stopped after an update a couple of months ago. I’m going to get it working again and I’ll post my update when I do.

  2. New OIDs for me are:


    Do a walk on . and there should be only two active counters reporting.

  3. Scott, you’re the guy.

    You do not know how long I’m looking for this OID information.

    There is no documentation on this. I did a snmp walk, but it’s he never got to the level you got.

    Thank you very much for your work.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Pino

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