Almost there….almost there….

I just finished another semester of school.  I came very close to saying I aced it, but unfortunately I was one grade away from that.  That’s ok.  I’m in an in between week now.  On Monday my second to last class starts.  It’s a writing class, which if you can tell from looking at this blog, I don’t do a lot of.  It should be interesting, nonetheless.  In about a month I start my last class.  That one is the capstone.  The IT class that’s supposed to wrap it all up and put a bow on it.  Provided I keep the pace, I’ll “graduate” on August 10th.  UMUC doesn’t do the walk until May.  Not very likely I’ll be interested in doing that, but who knows.

More than anything I’ll be glad to have it done.  I’ve spent a lot of time in my life getting certifications.  Nothing like this though.

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