Not so fast….back to XenServer

Just…can’t…get…it…to…work.  So, I’m going to try XenServer free again and ask for help at the support forums for both Citrix and Unraid.  I managed to get noac to populate into the NFS settings but lookupcache=none isn’t taking.  There are other settings in there and I’m wondering if they’re getting in the way.  I have to […]

XenServer 6.2 free, bye, bye … hello Xen!

Despite my best efforts I couldn’t maintain a stable NFS connection for the network share to Unraid.  I’ve decided to bag it and try building a Xen hypervisor up from an Ubuntu install.  It looks like XenCenter should still be able to manage it so I should be able to take advantage of the slightly […]

XenServer 6.2 free and NFS shares on Unraid

I recently ran across a problem with XenServer 6.2 when connecting to my Unraid on NFS.  It kept dropping the NFS connection but I couldn’t determine why.  I thought it might be Xen related and reinstalled straight Ubuntu 12.04 instead.  However, I started having the same problem with Ubuntu with mounted NFS shares.  It would […]