Busy, busy, busy

I’m loaded up pretty heavily on classes this semester.  I’m trying to finish up my BS in IS Management.  The workload as I get into 400 level classes has increased significantly.  I have a number of projects that have fallen to the side including:

Learn and understand nRF24l01 radios for Arduino to RPi communication.

Cobra electrical system (This hurts the most, perhaps.  I got the dash “in” but still have some loose ends to tie up before calling the electric done)

Better understand AWS topologies. Related, set up a Puppet server in house and connect it to the XenServer I’ve stood up.  XenServer 6.2 is open source now!  I’d also like to replace VMWare with XenServer and be able to do live migrations in house.  I was having trouble with the Mythbuntu ISO booting properly but it looks like it might just be the distro.

Continue to get away from SageTV.  It still runs.  I’m waiting for the day where that’s not the case.  I think I need to go towards MythTV.  There just isn’t a good alternative.

Around December I need to make a run at the CCDP. I need to renew the CCNP and only need one test for the CCDP.  Might as well add to the acronyms.

Anyway, enough of my sob story.

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