Yes! Sandy Bridge free ESXi Hypervisor with VT-d is a go!

Everything’s working great so far with a few exceptions I can live with. I have 5 VM’s running, mostly lightweight stuff, including my security camera system. For that I’m using Win XP and feeding the PV-149 CCTV capture card through via VT-d. Video streaming from BlueIris is working just fine and I also have PIAF […]

ESXi Hypervisor with VT-d on Sandy Bridge working?

I’ve just started my quest to get this working. It’s been difficult finding examples of success from others but I finally found a reference to a specific motherboard and CPU combo that has worked for others. HomeServerShow I’m using an Intel DQ67SWB3 motherboard with an i5-2400 CPU. Of course I had to get a separate […]