HP TC1100 and the iPad

I’ve had a TC1100 for a while now. I just decided to get a new battery since the old one wouldn’t hold any charge. So as I sit here using it with Win7 it occurs to we that this is pretty much the exact same size as the iPad. Sure its a little thicker but […]

Fixing a weird Cisco syntax error

Ran across this tonight. Someone had entered a prefix-list with the name “at&amp ;t” instead of “at&t” (wordpress didn’t like it either so I added the space between the p and the ; but they should really be together. Oddly enough, IOS wouldn’t allow the bad line to simply be deleted. The “;” had to […]

Cisco IPS doesn’t like ICMP redirects

I’ve been trying to figure out why a pair of Cisco IPS (AIP-SSM in this case) wouldn’t auto-update signature files or connect to the new Global Correlation feature. The management interfaces were located on a subnet that was between the firewall and the internal L3 switch. The internal LAN’s are on the other side of […]