As a fan of flavorful beer I often find myself facing stares of revulsion when I’m enjoying a nice glass of Guinness. What few people realize is that “dark” isn’t supposed to mean harsh, bitter or high in alcohol content. Found this great article: All you doubters should read it! You know who you are!

Cisco ISR G2’s on the way

I’ve gotten a look at a powerpoint with the technical details now. Nothing too earth shattering. More of a natural progression of capabilities and performance. I’m such a geek. The one cool new feature is that they have finally put in a USB console port. Actually mini USB. I’m not sure of the wisdom of […]

A good Google Wave explanation

Just stumbled across this post describing why Wave is such a big deal. I think he does an excellent job of describing it, including his follow up post. The idea behind the protocol really is liberating and solves a number of problems. Read it!