Twitter is dead, and Facebook might not be far behind

Reading about Google Wave today as I wait impatiently for my invite. It better come.

I was reading the latest (I think) developer blog update and near the end is this gem:

“We’re also working on larger changes like providing anonymous read-only access to embedded waves — so anyone in the world will be able to see content of published waves.”

I know this was a “want” for me…but wow…

Once this gets enabled you’ll have a forum software killer.

Build a widget that shows “followers” and Twitter is dead. After all, that’s a large part of Twitter’s success. Showing how big your….follower group is is very important.

Facebook features are just a hop skip and a jump away. You can be sure there will be many developers working on that.

Pretty exciting stuff!

2 thoughts on “Twitter is dead, and Facebook might not be far behind

  1. I feel that it is definitely important to link your data to the outside world, many good reasons attached to it. Consequently, many such sites have provided a few limited APIs to the external sites, to access this data (eg. API for getting Twitter followers or Facebook activity ) But that doesn’t mean the base site would be dead. Any user still needs to visit the site, to create his /her own “data”. Sorry , but seem to disagree with this.

  2. @astha I think you’re missing the point. XMPP is all about linking to the outside world! The API is XMPP. What I was suggesting is that once public read only “waves” become available you wouldn’t have a need to publish to Twitter. Just publish to your wave server and anyone that’s subscribed to it gets the update.

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