Google Wave…possibilities…

Hoping for a Google Wave invite today. The possibilities for Wave look intriguing, not because of what it’s launching with but rather because of what it’s built on. The core is essentially XMPP from what I’ve been reading, with a healthy dose of HTML5 on top and some other magic happening. Google is framing this as an all in one communications platform. The “modern email”. It needs to get voice support in a hurry. Whether they roll in GTalk or just straight up XMPP voice and video doesn’t really matter. But it needs to be in there.

Desktop sharing needs to be in there. If that happens, GoToMeeting and LogMeIn should really start sweating.

Picasa web albums need to be fully integrated. I’ve seen some references to Picasa being connected but it looks like it might just be the app. That’s a good start but not the whole thing.

I’m also very curious about public vs private waves. Is it possible to have a wave that anyone can have read access to but only some have write? Put that in and you go a long way towards killing forums and maybe even Twitter.


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