Arc Solutions takes it personally…

I can’t say I blame them. I’m sure there are some very qualified programmers at Arc that are proud of their product. My experience was less than stellar.

So, here’s what I’ll offer. It seems there might be a new version out. I’ll try a demo copy on a fresh WinXP install if they will provide it to me. I’m not going to drop the $1000+ they ask for this software (there’s another criticism) to see if times have changed. If one of the recent Arc commenters want’s to hook me up with a demo copy though, I’ll test it. I have a clean CCME I can point it at for testing as well.

I’ll post my results, good or bad. If the new version really is so much better I’ll happily post a comment to the original blog entry that seems to have climbed onto the first page at Google. (I’m guessing that’s why this is getting noticed)

So, what do you say Arc? Leave me a comment!

5 thoughts on “Arc Solutions takes it personally…

  1. Well I have to say – I appreciate the offer – I was going to suggest that….

    Arc Express v2.1 sr1 is the latest version, and has been around for a little while now. Visit to download it. I do have to point out that we STRONGLY recommend that installers review the pre-installation Tech Notes before diving in. As you have likely experienced, the CME is finicky over what we can & cannot do via an automated config process, therefore we have documented how the CME should be setup (mainly centering around the Operator handset – no templates etc). Most of our common queries are actually answered in the documents – as long as one takes the time to review them. The TechNotes are at:

    When you download the product, it comes with a 45 day eval license out of the box, which should be enough to get you going….

    As you rightly say, this is a sub $1,000 product, so of course it is expensive for us (Arc) to suppport for no charge – to that end, we’ve recently launched a new forum to help customers with support (there is also a “pay for” true maintenance option if customers want immediate phone response, as well as a free email support service). The forum is at

    Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

  2. I would also say, please view this activity for what it is meant – which is a blog post that has been noticed by someone at Arc – and responded to. We know we’re not perfect – no software company is! – and value the feedback from the field – both Cisco & partners. We’re not taking it personally – “we’re taking an interest” 🙂


  3. Bennie, thanks for the info. I should be able to run through a test in the next week or two. Gotta take care of paying customers first!

    If things really are improved I’ll happily post about it. I’ll also post about what I think is still wrong, if anything.

    No worries on the “personal” aspect. A company responding politely to a disgruntled customer is always a good thing.

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