Blue Iris for video security

Zoneminder, argh. I’m not sure how much time I’ve put into getting Zoneminder to work but it’s a lot. There’s just something about it that confounds me, whether it’s because of the underlying OS or hardware problems…Zoneminder seems to be the typical open source linux app. Very capable, ugly as sin and exceedingly difficult to […]

Cheap remote sniffer

Looking for a cheap and reliable way of doing packet capture remotely. I found this reference to using PFSense and it looks like a pretty slick idea. I was quite happy with PFSense when I was using it as a firewall so this idea looks like a winner. I’ll post back if I try it […]

Arc Solutions takes it personally…

I can’t say I blame them. I’m sure there are some very qualified programmers at Arc that are proud of their product. My experience was less than stellar. So, here’s what I’ll offer. It seems there might be a new version out. I’ll try a demo copy on a fresh WinXP install if they will […]

Arc Express comments

Bennie from Arc found my blog and wrote a couple of comments on this post. I started writing a response but it got a bit lengthy for a comment so I decided to throw it into a new post: Bennie, thanks for responding. That install was almost half a year ago. Ancient history! 🙂 Regarding […]

If falls over, does it make a sound in the media?

I’m mystified as to how can go down worldwide for 2+ hours during business hours and there is virtually nothing in the news about it. I managed to find this reference in the Register. Not surprising as the outage hit the UK in the middle of the day. I’ve not found any other comments. […]

Putty and CTRL-Shift-6, X

Helped someone figure out a weird problem just now. He would telnet to a router and then telnet back out to a host. He would then try the ctrl-shift-6, x sequence and he would get nothing on the screen. He could type disconnect 1 and get no feedback but as soon as he pressed enter […]