CAPWAP is here?

I got an interesting comment on a year old post of mine regarding CAPWAP.

Matt from Aerohive had some interesting things to say about CAPWAP and the state of things. I wrote a somewhat lengthy response so I thought I’d put up a new post on it.

As you can see further up in the comments, someone suggested an open source CAPWAP based app. The site is still barren, aside from some fairly old files and a basic update about 30 days ago. You’d think CAPWAP would be an area that has a lot of open source interest and yet I’m unable to really find anything. There are vague references but no one seems to be moving forward with anything.

Matt also made the comment that CAPWAP is about AP’s and not controllers. I can understand that a traditional “controller” might not be necessary but I would think some form of a management platform would be important. If you have a single AP and no management platform, what’s the point of CAPWAP?

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