Solarwinds might be ok

I can’t point to a particular reason but for a long time I had been averse to Solarwinds. I’m not sure if it was that I considered them expensive for what they did, difficult to install or some other obscure reason. Regardless, I’ve been trialing the latest versions for the full time contract I’m on […]

CAPWAP is here?

I got an interesting comment on a year old post of mine regarding CAPWAP. Matt from Aerohive had some interesting things to say about CAPWAP and the state of things. I wrote a somewhat lengthy response so I thought I’d put up a new post on it. As you can see further up in the […]

PV149 and IRQ challenges

Ok, so that ZoneMinder install I was hoping to do in the last post…yeah….not happening. I’ve run into this before but I’ve decided it’s just not worth the trouble of trying to fix it. For some reason when you install the PV149 video capture card in older machines it likes to have problems with IRQs. […]