HP DL380 G2, Ubuntu and loud fans

Installing Ubuntu on my DL380 G2 was pretty straight-forward but I did have a problem with the fans running at full speed. That high pitched squeal could be heard from our bedroom upstairs at the other end of the house. I had some real trouble finding a solution for this. It was clear that I […]

Feels like I’m workign all the time…

I’ve been busy with work and haven’t been able to squeeze in much of anything else. I’ve done a couple of things like upgrading Unraid to my Pro key and swapping motherboards. In the process I discovered that at least my copy (don’t know if it’s the default behavior) decided to hang on to the […]

It’s been a long couple of days

Comcast managed to hose up my internet connection which I host this site as well as some forums on. They did this by assigning my static IP’s to another location in their network. The result was split routes at their peering routers with the majority of traffic going into a black hole and a trickle […]

Cisco AnyConnect Essentials

I recently discovered this new Cisco AnyConnect Essentials license being touted for the 8.2 code for ASAs. It took me a little while to parse through the cryptic description on Cisco’s site but it seems that you can now get client based SSL for a couple hundres $$’s depending on the ASA model. That’s up […]

I’m still here!

Wow…I knew I had been neglecting the blog but I didn’t realize it had been over a month! So, what have I been doing? Working too much! This time of year has gotten worse and worse over the last several years. It seems like the kids all get busy with activities, we get the itch […]