Dice Electronics cables must be dipped in gold

A couple of years ago I got a Dice Electronics adapter for my Audi A3 so I could listen to my iPod and then iPhone while also charging it. It’s worked pretty well with some caveats that I knew about getting into it. That is, until I got the 3G iPhone a couple of months ago.

The good news was that I could play music through the cable. The bad news was that it wouldn’t charge. Apparently Apple changed how they charge devices through the iPod dock. I’m certain it’s the case with the 3G iPhone but I think it might also be a problem with some of the newer iPods too. Perhaps not. Regardless, I wasn’t happy with Apple about that.

So, I sent an email to Dice asking about how to fix this problem and lucky me, they had a new cable that would do both. Now, keep in mind the original adapter with the original dock cable was about $180 IIRC. For the new adapter cable? $40. Yep. I just figured it had magic fairy dust sprinkled on it or something. Then when I go to check out (grumbling all along) the system tells me it’ll be $15 for shipping.

Now wait. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting because there’s no picture, but….it’s a cable. $15 can’t be right. Send off another email, laying in a jab about the $40 price tag already being high and then to add $15 for shipping is insane. Yes, I said insane in the email. Response was to call in the order and they’d take care of me. Now, here’s the one cool thing I’ll give Dice credit for. When I called in to order it the very nice lady gave me free shipping. Alright, so I’m happy again but in the back of my mind I’m still thinking $40 != simple cable.

It’s arrived and yep, it’s a very simple cable. So, I figure I paid $15 shipping after all because $25 for this cable still seems steep. Yay me!

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