Broadcast ringing on Trixbox

I’m not bringing this up because it’s something new…but rather because it took Cisco ages to add this to their least expensive voice solution, the CME. I have an inbound SIP trunk set up with Vitelity for my business. It comes right into the same system that’s running the home phones. It’s so nice to be able to direct that inbound route based on the DID I get from Vitelity. From there it’s a pretty simple matter to send the call where I want. Right now I direct it at a RingGroup which does RingAll. I then have my office phone and my softphone ring for business calls.

At the same time I don’t have to change the house side of things. I also have a RingAll RingGroup for the home POTS line. The POTS comes in through a Cisco 1760 which is then plar’ed to my RingGroup extension via SIP. I have the same office phone in that RingGroup as well. I prepend either Vz or Anewvo (company name) to the CID and I can see where the call is originating from. That prepending is done either in the inbound router or the RingGroup. Flexibility!

Next up, I think I’ll try some “follow me” on the business line. It’s all in there, should be pretty easy to configure.

On a related note, I’ve been quite happy with the call quality on the Vitelity trunk. It’s not like I’m hammering my link when I’m on calls but so far it’s been excellent. Price is pretty reasonable too!

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