Record Skype in Audacity on Windows

Thanks to this post here, I was able to figure out how to record Skype in Audacity. Although, the solution seems strange at this point. The result is hearing yourself a fraction of a second later in your headphones. Per that post, you must have the “stereo mixer” installed. I had to install the Realtek […]

Broadcast ringing on Trixbox

I’m not bringing this up because it’s something new…but rather because it took Cisco ages to add this to their least expensive voice solution, the CME. I have an inbound SIP trunk set up with Vitelity for my business. It comes right into the same system that’s running the home phones. It’s so nice to […]

NorcoTeck RPC-450 install

I didn’t see much in the way of review info on the NORCO RPC-450 4U Rackmount Server Case .  On top of that, the pics almost always showed a microATX motherboard installed, which was nice for having lots of room left.  However, I had an Extended ATX or EEB motherboard that I wanted to get […]

“I aim to misbehave”

It’s crazy how right this is. I’m not a radical. I’m not even that committed to anything, outside of my family and my marriage. I express a passing interest in things governmental, but that’s probably more because of my proximity to the Beltway. But now they’ve gone and done it.  Now they’ve made me […]

Shawshank Redemption

As I’m sitting here working on some client stuff I’m also listening to the Shawshank Redemption soundtrack.  There’s something about that movie, the amazing music and the original story that stirs up my emotions.  It reminds me that perseverance over adversity will lead to great things.  It always fills me with hope.  And not that […]

Broken flower

I just tried SoundFlower on my new…uh…(m)acintosh and it made things very unhappy.  It basically gave me a choice between showing my ethernet being connected or having wallpaper.  Every reboot one of those two would break.  How weird is that???  I guess I’m paying for Audio Hijack Pro if I want to do some podcasting.  […]

I hate java.

I might have mentioned that before.  In case I didn’t…I hate java.  Now, today’s issue didn’t come directly because of java but it was the result, and an obscure one at that. I’ve been struggling with a client issue that basically boiled down to slow or non-responsive websites that were passing through IOS firewalls.  Most […]

Rack it!

I’ve ordered some rackmount cases from Newegg finally.  They should be arriving today and I’ll try to make a point of posting some pictures with my success (or otherwise!).  I’m getting the Norco RPC-250‘s since they have plenty of space for motherboards and drives and also include two big 120mm fans in the front.  I’ve […]

ESXi again?

I had posted previously that I had some issues getting ESXi to install on a Compaq DL360.  Well, I have a slightly newer Intel white box server and it’s installed just fine with that, recognizing some of the older SCSI cards as well.  So, I’ll be implementing this soon and reaping the benefits of a […]