Asterisk trunks and order of precedence

Well, I’ve learned something that should have been painfully obvious.  I had the following configured for that SIP trunk to the Cisco router I mentioned: context=from-internal allow=ulaw disallow=all dtmfmode=rfc2833 host= insecure=very ipaddr= port=5060 type=peer The codec is defined by the “allow” statement.  If you put a “disallow” after the “allow” it will negate the allowed […]

488 – Not Acceptible Here

I went forward with the Server 2003 R2 install and then added VMWare Server 2.0.  Trixbox installed very easily and quickly and I added chan-sccp-b using these instructions.  It all went together very well and once I remembered all the places my old config files had old IP’s (I copied over the sccp configs) I […]

Finicky Server 2008 and ESXi

I’ve been trying to install either Server 2008 x64 or ESXi on my ECS motherboard.  It has a GeForce chipset, 4gb ram, Pentium e2180 and a SATA drive attached to the onboard controller.  ESXi doesn’t like the controller but that seems to be a typical problem.  I’m not interested in spending money on another controller. […]

Noisy GSM follow up

I think I might have read this somewhere but I’m not sure now.  Anti-static bag over the iphone works wonders!  And it still receives calls so it’s not like it’s a faraday cage!  It’s goofy looking and it’s another step to get to the phone when a call’s coming in, but it’s a small price […]