Red v. Blue

Followed a link on Instapundit this morning to Lilac Rose who talks about seeing the possibility of a Cold Civil War.  This isn’t so much a war based on borders, although you could draw it that way.  The whole of the Northeast and California versus just about everyone else.  No, this is a war based on lines of ideology.  But I suppose that’s what all wars are based on.

I see this myself.  People I know will be divided along those that will party like it’s 1999 after the election and those that will seriously consider their options for moving to a foreign country.  Amongst some indviduals there even seems to be a militant fervor that I haven’t seen before.  The economic collapse won’t help either, as the losers who lose jobs decide that “their guy” was robbed of the job and they themselves would still have a job if it hadn’t happened.

Some loon or loons may even decide to take up arms against the injustice.  There’s really no positive outcome for this election, especially for those of us who see both candidates as Politicians and nothing more.  There won’t be a truly good leader in the White House and we’ll have the joy of being trapped in the middle of this ideological war.

Hmm….New Zealand perhaps…

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