Unraid! It’s on!

Yep, I’ve switched from Windows Server 2003 with RAID5 to Unraid.  I agonized over spending money on this but it really came down to one thing.  How difficult will it be to add incremental storage when I run out of the 2.25TB I currently have?  I’m in the process of ripping all of my DVD’s to the NAS for playback on Sage, whenever I get that.  I’m doing them as full rips so there’s no loss of quality or features.  That’s taking a lot of space!

With Unraid I’m able to slap in another 750GB drive (or bigger) and it’ll expand to fit that.  With every other solution the best I could do while still maintaining some redundancy was to add another RAID5 array.  Ok, RAID1 would have worked.  Either way, there’s no solution for expanding with a single drive that doesn’t involve moving data off somewhere else and rebuilding the array.  Except Unraid.

Speed seems fine so far but I’m not really hitting it hard yet.  Hopefully it’ll keep up with my ultimate goal of as many as 4 simultaneous HD writes.  2 from Hauppauge HD-PVR’s and 2 from HD Homerun OTA feeds.  It’ll be a while before I have all of that in though.

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