A glitch in the Matrix

I don’t normally write about this kind of stuff but it’s one of those things that happens so infrequently that if I don’t catalogue it I won’t be able to trend it.  So… When I was waking up this morning and I was still a little out of it, I experienced what can best be […]

Please let this be cheap

Intel is showing off a really slick twist on the tablet PC at a conference this week.  Gizmodo has something about it here.  They are calling it the UrbanMax and to me it looks perfect!  I’m not sure the funny rounded edges look right but I love the concept.  In fact, the HP TC1100 I […]

Unraid! It’s on!

Yep, I’ve switched from Windows Server 2003 with RAID5 to Unraid.  I agonized over spending money on this but it really came down to one thing.  How difficult will it be to add incremental storage when I run out of the 2.25TB I currently have?  I’m in the process of ripping all of my DVD’s […]

iPhone tethering is here!

I’m writing this from my Macbook, tethered or rather proxied, through my iPhone on Edge.  Can’t say it’s blistering fast but it’s certainly usable.  I even tried firing up Vista in Parallels to see if I could get that to work and I wasn’t able to.  I could ping the iPhone and I figured out […]