Raq cloning

I picked up two Cobalt RAQs. One’s a 3 and the other is a 3i. My intention has been to use the 3 for Asterisk and the 3i for my main firewall. After all the round about with getting a usable image on one of them I wanted to see if I could just clone it to the other drive.

I used Ultimate Boot CD and the g4u tool.  I made a backup of the working drive and that seemed to work.  However, copying the backup back to the second drive kept failing on the download.  So, I just did a disk to disk copy and that worked fine.

One of my concerns is that I did the initial install of Ubuntu on a 20gb drive with a 14gb partition.  The second drive is 15gb.  The second drive boots although there’s a weird character that gets inserted during the kernel load.  Not sure it matters but time will tell on that one.  Hopefully I don’t need to rebuild it fresh.

Lesson learned, it’s easier to grow a drive than shrink it.  Start with the smaller drive!

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