Cobra update

Just in case anyone’s curious, no, I’ve not completely abandoned the Cobra build. The dash is in mid-build. I’ve just be…pre-occupied. It’ll get done, just don’t know when.

Raq cloning

I picked up two Cobalt RAQs. One’s a 3 and the other is a 3i. My intention has been to use the 3 for Asterisk and the 3i for my main firewall. After all the round about with getting a usable image on one of them I wanted to see if I could just clone […]

RaqBuntu lives!

After trying to be smart about it and figure out my own way to get Ubuntu 8.04 on the RAQ3 I decided to just suck it up and follow others leads.  So, I followed Jim Tuttle’s site about getting Ubuntu 6.06 on his Qube.  The Qube and Raq are very similar as far as I […]


Maybe not.  After poking around to find a way to recompile the AsteriskNow kernel I gave up.  rPath has a rather convoluted way (to the neophyte) of managing kernels.  So, I figured, let’s try Ubuntu following the instructions for getting Debian 3.1 to work.  I’m able to get it to Boot From Network and I […]


I can’t decide if I want to get Ron Paul’s new book, Revolution, a Manifesto. As you can see from my previous post I like a lot of what Ron Paul says but he’s a bit flakey at times. Or rather, he can come across that way. Regardless, I agree with him that the Federal […]