I was working on the AstRaq (yes, that’s what I’m calling it) last night and I’m struggling with my limited knowledge of the guts of Linux. For a long time I’ve used TrixBox and it’s worked fine for me. I’ve been considering switching to AsteriskNow though, partly because it’ll serve my needs just as well […]

Nice RAQ

I’m now the proud owner of a Cobalt RAQ 3 and a 3i. The 3 will be Asterisk and the 3i will be my firewall. So far I’ve updated the flash in the 3 using these instructions and no problems. Now I’m working on building an AsteriskNow image in vmware that’ll play nice on the […]

My (not so) refined palate

I wish I could say I have a refined palate but the truth is, while I think I can distinguish flavors I had a very hard time identifying them. However, I had the opportunity to do some pseudo taste testing with the help of Ang doing the blind preparation. She recently got me several Bourbons […]

Pirelli blows

The Audi A3 came with Pirelli P-Zero tires.  Let me just say, they sucked.  They were always pretty bad but the last couple of months they had become very loud.  Recently the threads(!) started showing in the middle ridge.  So, looked for a deal and got a reasonable but not great one at Costco. I’ve […]

Cisco and Linksys, who should own the SMB space?

Just posted a rant in the comments over at GigaOm. It’s up! I’ve ranted about this before. I just think there’s a disconnect between the executives and the local sales organization as to how the SMB space is currently handled. I’m not talking products line but rather the actual servicing of customer needs and providing […]


I might be giving up on the dream of using Asterisk purely as VM for a Cisco CM/CME based system.  Why?  MWI.  From what I’ve found the only way currently to make MWI work in this scenario is to bash it together with custom scripts and cron jobs.  Ugh.  What a pain.  I like tinkering […]

SageTV and Components

Not ready to take the plunge just yet but I’m really close to going with Sage.  The primary reason is that there will finally be a method of capturing Component video.  Specifically, the HD channels we get on DirecTV!  Hauppauge is coming out with this device in about 2 months.  In the meantime I’m driven […]

CME and Asterisk part 3, end of the trilogy?

A couple of years ago I went through a couple of iterations of CME to Asterisk integration. Since then we’ve been running fairly reliably with the Cisco 1760 router behaving purely as a SIP based gateway and Asterisk managing everything else. I’ve run our Cisco phones as SCCP using the chan_sccp on Asterisk. Due to […]