’tis the season

I guess at the end of it I enjoy this time of year.  There’s one unchanging reality though.  After Thanksgiving there’s just no getting anything done that’s not related to preparing for Christmas. I’ve been noodling switching to SageTV for our PVR needs.  In the meantime I’ve been researching the details and trying to make […]

So maybe I was wrong…

…but not entirely.  Turns out the 180 day waiting period for tests is only if you pass.  That makes more sense as the only good reason you’d have for going back right away is to braindump. Ok, so maybe I jumped the gun a bit. Still, there’s a reason I would consider Cisco actually pulling […]

Cisco’s SMB focus is superficial

I certainly hope this isn’t the case.  If it turns out to be wrong I’ll post an apology.  However, in a recent post on CiscoBlog there’s a troubling comment.  The post itself shows how silly Cisco can be about certain things.  It’s essentially talking about Cisco taking your picture when you take an exam.  Ok, […]