PVR woes

We’ve been Tivo owners for some years now.  We used to use it constantly, now we just use it often.  The sole reason is HD.  Or rather, lack of a good way to record HD.  Yes, we can get the HR20 from DirecTV but I don’t believe there’s any ability to move content between devices.  Plus, that’s another closed system.  No, what I really want now is an HD MythTV setup.  I could have that today, no problem.  Except, how would I then go about getting HD content?

You see, the only way to legitimately record HD content into MythTV or any similar PVR is to pull it over the airwaves.  Two problems with that.  It’s only the local broadcast channels and we’re so far out in the country I’m not sure we can get a signal anyway.

I know, we can do RSS subscriptions and suck it down over Bittorrent.  Aside from the illegal aspect of that Comcast has noticeably affected Bittorrent speeds of late.  It simply wouldn’t be practical.

No, what we need is a Component recording card.  There’s one on the market that I’ve found.  It’s made by Blackmagic, costs >$1k and isn’t supported in MythTV or any other open source system.  Yippee.

Someone help me.  Tell me how to fix this.

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