Ron Paul (‘s ideals) for President.

I’m not sure that anyone cares but I’m officially endorsing Ron Paul for President.  That being said, I really wish I could just nominate his ideals.  I like the idea of a strict adherence to the Constitution.  As Glenn at Instapundit suggests, Ron Paul as a candidate leaves a bit to be desired.  When I […]

PVR woes

We’ve been Tivo owners for some years now.  We used to use it constantly, now we just use it often.  The sole reason is HD.  Or rather, lack of a good way to record HD.  Yes, we can get the HR20 from DirecTV but I don’t believe there’s any ability to move content between devices.  […]

Freecall, for a time

I might have discovered the limitation with Freecall.  There’s a reference to the calls being limited to 1 minute until you buy credits from them.  Well what’s the point of 300 minutes per week then?  Are you really going to make 300 1 minute calls??? I’ll report back once I test it.

Gateways and Gatekeepers

I think I’m finally going to work on this test.  I’ve discovered that I can re-cert my CCNP by passing this and I’ll only have one test left for the CCVP then.  I have the book and the PEC material is free and looks like it might be pretty good, if not long.  Anyone have […]

Asterisk part deux

I’ve been running on Asterisk, actually Trixbox, for probably over a year now.  It works ok but I have several issues that I’ve never been very happy with.  For one thing I’ve been using an old version of the SCCP channel to run the Cisco phones.  I have 7940’s and 7960’s and the SIP implementation […]

Pricey Video Conferencing

I just came across Andy’s comments about the state of room based video conferencing. I have to say that I agree completely.  I’ve been to a number of Cisco Telepresence demo’s now and there’s no question it’s impressive.  The price tag kills the interest for all but the richest companies though.  $250k for the required […]

Cobra folks

I just discovered that I’m #1 for “cobra build” on Google.  Wow!  Except it’s for the old site.  The one I haven’t updated in years.  So, I’ve put in a redirect to the blog here and just to the Cobra related posts.  Please feel free to look around at the rest though. And yes, more […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  You might notice some changes around here.  I’m going to start working on going bigger with the blog.  Please let me know how I’m doing by leaving me a comment.  Hope to see a lot more of you! Powered by ScribeFire.


One of my Grandmothers died last night.  Grandma Brooke had been in declining health for some time and last night she moved on.  From what we’ve been told she went peacefully. Here’s the part where I say the things we’re not supposed to. I’m happy about the time I was able to spend with her.  […]


While I greatly respect the writing of folks like Om and the podcasts of TWIT, there seems to often be a disconnect between the press releases they report on and the reality on the street.  I try to look at these things in the context of what’s to come but sometimes they flat out get […]