Ephone-DN’s like to disappear

Well, not really. I found out the hard way that an Ephone-DN in CME that isn’t configured from the start as a dual-line can’t be changed to a dual-line. So, no consult transfer or putting a call on hold and calling someone else. No big deal, just “no” the existing one and add it all […]

That “July” post

That was a failed attempt at posting through email from my iPhone.  Haven’t spent the time to try to figure that one out yet. Regarding the iPhone, I’m relatively happy but I really wish it had ActiveSync.  Really.  Wish. More later…


I guess I need to get back to blogging. I got an email that looks legit but could be spam from someone at CiscoPress asking if I’d like to review technical books. If it turns out to be legit I’ll have to jump on that. I’m not one to shy away from free anything! 🙂