Lights in the sky

Last night the ISS flew over.  I’m sure it’s done that dozens of times in the last decade(!) since it’s been flying around our planet but there was something special about this one.  It was right after dusk for us on the ground but still nice and shiny way up there.  Once we found it it was easy to track.  It sped up as it crossed right over head and then slowed and meandered off to the horizon.  I had a real moment there when I thought about it.  I’ve seen shuttles launch and that’s always hit me in the chest.  The shear power can’t be conveyed until you are present for a launch.  This was different.

I imagined those 3 astronauts flying over at 200 miles just going about their business while hundreds, probably thousands watch them.  I imagine that folks in the 60’s had many similar moments with the space program.  These days it doesn’t seem like many care and that’s a shame.

Someday I hope to get the opportunity to get into space.  Perhaps even take a vacation on the Moon.

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