How lame is this

Last December Steve and I went to a Car and Driver Ride and Drive event.  It turned out to be the commercial Ford’s been running for the Focus where we all picked the Focus over the Accord and Camry.  Hah.  Anyway, one of the incentives to get us to show up was an in car video of our personal driving.  Well, almost 4 months later we got the links to view it today.  Except, it’s a generic video.  And it’s the same.  Here’s the direct link to the video.

As you can see we were both sent links to a page that displays the same video that they’ve kindly labeled “Master Laps”.  Gee, thanks for the personalized video.  Did it really have to take 4 months to send me this crap?  Glad I could be a shill for a day.

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