Ok….I’ve had a couple of days for my thoughts on the iPhone to solidify and here’s what I’ve come to.  There are several technologies in the iPhone that are insanely cool.  Multi-point touchscreen, gestures for scrolling, form factor a UI that makes Windows Mobile look pathetic and Apple’s typical fit and finish.

Here’s what really bothers me though.  Cingular only for 2 years.  2 YEARS!!!  I have no use for Cingular and don’t wish to pay a 2 year contract to them that I may not use.  And stuck on Cingular’s crappy EDGE network.  Bleh.  So, no iPhone for me for quite a while.  Completely locked too.  No easy way to put it on a different carrier and no easy way (without some serious hacking no doubt) to run 3rd party apps.  No sync with Outlook, not that that’s surprising.  I could live without that one.

So, why am I bitter?  I want my 100gb, widescreen, multi-touch video iPod and I want it now!  Leave out all of the radios and just give me a new stinking iPod!!!

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