Happy Holidays!

It’s been quite the year and I’m a bit behind on blogging (much like other things in my life).  Some of the things to update on: Got an Audi A3 with DSG.  I’ll be posting comments about my experience soon. Still have the M3 although I’ll be selling that soon. I’ve been promoted at work.  […]

WSJ Part 2

Well, I made it in.  Yep, my name was published in the Wall Street Journal.  What magnificent quote did he include? Something simple about missing pics of my kids with the old camers.  Yep.  That’s it.  Yipee. Oh well.


Only missed it by a night but the WSJ writer call me for the interview.  Not much to report.  He asked about how long I’d been using digital cameras and DSLR’s in particular.  Asked about why I started the original digitalrebelforum.com site.  Asked about usage.  Pretty general stuff really.  It’ll be interesting to see if […]