The busy time

We’re just about into that period where everything starts to get really crazy for the holidays.  I don’t really enjoy it so much.  It’s more a matter of trying to get through it without losing my mind.  Many parties to look forward to, gifts to buy, house to prepare.

That’s at least a little of what I’ve been busy with the last few weeks.  Trying to make it through a number of house projects.  Finishing Belle’s room with some wainscotting, adding some molding to the dining room, various outside projects.  It’ll be nice when these things are done and we can work on some other things.  Like the Cobra, the garage (electric and insulation), possibly a back patio.  The list just seems to grow.  Somehow I really want to drive the Cobra next year.  My tolerance for looking at it unfinished has just about expired.

I did get a new car.  Ya hoo!  Went and bought myself an Audi A3 with the DSG transmission.  I haven’t sold the M3 yet, which is going to be a project all itself.  I’ll try to post a review of the A3 after I’ve driven it for a few weeks.  I’m very seriously considering autox’ing it in Decemeber if the CDC event doesn’t get cancelled.

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