Dashing my hopes

I was fortunate enough to be able to take the last week off from work.  Didn’t go anywhere and the kids were still in school.  But, I did have some time to work on the Cobra.  In a nutshell I got all of the wiring in wire loom and routed where it’ll go in the […]

IOGear Serial on OS X…Finally!

Well looky here.  Took them a while but there is a native Intel driver for the GUC232A USB to Serial dongle!  Since I decided to rebuild my MacBook I needed to get the serial dongle working again.  Figured I’d check the IOGear website and the driver is there.  I installed the DMG, rebooted and it’s […]

The MacBook is back

Took the MacBook in to the Apple store to get the heatsink and dirty palmrest problems fixed.  That part seems to be fine now.  However, for some unknown reason they decided to replace the optical drive also.  Maybe there is an internal recall.  Ok, I’m fine with free upgrades.  Unfortunately the second CD I put […]

A MacBook and a Router Jockey

I’ve had my MacBook for about 6 months now (!) and I figure it’s time to talk about how that’s working out. First of all, the bad. My MacBook has been hit by the two known problems with MacBooks. Discoloration of the palm rest and the random shut down. Now, the discoloration I can live […]

Trying out Blog Thing

I’m trying out Blog Thing as Performancing has been giving me display problems for quite some time. Oddly the font size is off. Trying something smaller…


Ah, VLAN ACL’s.  You have been my nemesis for days!  Ok, here’s the trick to get them to work.  Perhaps it will be obvious for others but it wasn’t to me. The ACL’s must use wildcard masks!  That’s right, the CatOS tab help only says something about regular masks and nothing about wildcards.  So use […]

2 crazy months

I’m finally nearing the end of one of the most intense projects I’ve been involved in.  It began as a 3 month schedule that we had to shorten to 2 months to get it done by the end of September.  Well, here we are on the last day of the month and things are pretty […]