Cisco and Extreme interoperability – Part 1 – LACP

Having to do some connecting of Cisco and Extreme switches for the purposes of migrating from Extreme to Cisco.  I have a number of things I need to prove before we can do this.  One thing is to make sure we can trunk multiple ports together, push VLANs across them and have it failover quickly.  Looks like the best bet for this is LACP.  Unfortunately there’s virtually (hah) no documentation on doing this.  I found a Tolley group reference to some Extreme interop testing they did and 802.3ad and LACP had a red check mark next to Cisco.  Gee, thanks Tolley!  Ok, so they say it’s fully compatible but how to implement it?

I have a doc a former Extreme employee wrote detailing some testing he did but it looks like he was trying to make Etherchannel work with LACP on the Extreme.  Weird.  But it might work.  According to his notes, configuring Etherchannel for a mode of “on” worked alhtough it resulted in a 5 second failover for a disconnected link.  I suspect there wasn’t any active sharing of port info there and it was just Etherchannel timing out.

So, LACP.  Here’s what I think will work:

On the Extreme:  enable sharing 1:1 grouping 1:1-1:8
On the Cisco:
set channelprotocol lacp 1
set port lacp-channel 1/1-8 mode active
int g1/1
channel-group 1 mode active

Stay tuned.  I’ll post back once I’ve tested this.

3 thoughts on “Cisco and Extreme interoperability – Part 1 – LACP

  1. Did you ever get this working ? I need to do this between a cisco 3750 stack and an extreme. I thought that the extreme seemed to be “on” only, but would love for it to do lacp.

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