Muddle School

Mr Instapundit seems to be having trouble finding anything about books or help for boys entering Middle School while information for girls seems to be found in abundance. Well, Glenn, I can personally tell you why that is although my view may be tainted.  Middle School is more about survival for boys than finding tips […]


Ok, I think I’ve found my new favorite car.  Uh….wowsy! RKcoupe I’ve always been a fan of 911’s.  This is just amazing.

Cisco will fail in the SMB space

In the last 6 months or so Cisco’s been on this push to grow the Small/Medium Business space.  Seems they’ve just realized there’s a huge market there that they aren’t affectively addressing.  It would also seem that there may not be a lot of growth space left in what they consider Enterprise (1500+ employees) business.  […]

Addiction, thy name is DoD

Every couple of months or so I’ll find a computer game that grabs my interest. About 6 months ago it was Civ4. Now it’s Day of Defeat. I really do enjoy it. So much so, it’s like my crack. Right now I’m hitting that moment of self actualization where I realize it’s become a problem. […]

Cisco and Extreme interoperability – Part 1 – LACP

Having to do some connecting of Cisco and Extreme switches for the purposes of migrating from Extreme to Cisco.  I have a number of things I need to prove before we can do this.  One thing is to make sure we can trunk multiple ports together, push VLANs across them and have it failover quickly.  […]

Implementing Cisco LWAPP with PEAP-MSCHAP-V2 and IAS

Wow, lotta buzzwords there!  Ok, this may turn out to be a bit of a longish post but here goes: Let’s say you just got your LWAPP AP’s in with your Cisco WLC 440x.  Works great except you also want to do user based authentication.  No static keys for you!  Oh yeah, your boss says […]

CallManager and Call Pickup

We have a somewhat unique situation in the office with our call handling. We like to ding an overhead pager to alert those in the office to an incoming operator call. Everyone needs to have the ability to then pickup that call. So, I’ve got to activate the FXS line to ring the dinger while […]

The Rocket!

Chillin out reading my copy of Ultimate Garages today I came across a car in Jay Leno’s garage.  A little red thing that kind of looked like an older F1 car but had modern gear.  Unfortunately there’s no mention of what it is in the book!  A little digging and I present you with the […]