Reading the signals – part 2

Well, that was quick! The hazard flasher does work perfectly. I’ve updated the diagram to reflect the new design.

I just had the thought that I’ll probably be able to elminate some more cable by running the wires coming from the switches through the bus bar as well. I’ll save that for the final dash positioning though. No need to go hacking up wires when I’m not sure exactly what I’ll need. It’s always easier to take them out than it is to put them back in! I also had the thought that I might be able to use one of the female ends of the spade lugs I’ve been using for the lights. They might fit over the spades coming off the switches very nicely.

This small thing is another significant step. I need to think about this over night but I’m pretty sure I’m done with the rear harness now. I think I can start grooming it and tying it down. After I’ve done that I can install the trunk aluminum. Still a lot to do but it’s an important milestone that opens up other tasks for completion. One thing I need to remember to mention to Angie…a 3 link would go in a lot easier without the trunk aluminum installed. 😉 Reading this hon?

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