Now I feel old

Silicon Graphics has entered bankruptcy. I used to have a…perverse desire for an SGI workstation. Of course, SGI boxes have always been made of unobtanium. So, in my early days of being paid to do this thing called computing I would take every opportunity to drool over them. I would always check out their booth […]

Reading the signals – part 2

Well, that was quick! The hazard flasher does work perfectly. I’ve updated the diagram to reflect the new design. I just had the thought that I’ll probably be able to elminate some more cable by running the wires coming from the switches through the bus bar as well. I’ll save that for the final dash […]

Reading the signals

Spent a good part of the weekend hooking up the turn signals and the hazards.  I was a bit worried about making sure I was thinking straight so I did this diagram in visio real quick.  I missed a couple of things so I’ll be posting a “finish” diagram later.  Notably, using a DPST for […]