A@H 2.8 is out

Installing it under Virtual Server R2 right now. A couple of weeks ago I installed the fresh new Linux Additions for VS R2 in an older version of A@H I had loaded previously. I was mainly curious to see if the clock kept better time. So far it’s spot on although I’m still getting RTC (real-time clock I think) errors. I didn’t connect a phone to it so I don’t know how it was working. I’ve had a lot of problems with choppy/skipping voicemail playback and I suspect it’s the clocking problem with VMWare. I’m hoping it’ll be happier with this setup.

I’m going to try to build a very generic image with SCCP support built in. My intent is to provide it to Steve at least and I’m even considering releasing it to the rest of ya, now that VS is free also.

Interested in a somewhat pre-configured A@H 2.8 with SCCP support in a Virtual Server image? Let me know by emailing me or posting in the comments.

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