Optical LAN’s? Not in my lifetime

Om has an interesting piece on a small startup working on a new optical technology for LANs/SANs. While I always find new optical gear interesting I have a hard time accepting that we’ll ever see optical LANs. The optical folks always seem to forget the huge sunk cost of cabling in the walls. Anyone upgrading […]

A@H 2.8 is out

Installing it under Virtual Server R2 right now. A couple of weeks ago I installed the fresh new Linux Additions for VS R2 in an older version of A@H I had loaded previously. I was mainly curious to see if the clock kept better time. So far it’s spot on although I’m still getting RTC […]

iTunes wishlist

This is a bit of an experiment but I’m going to try to create a sort of wishlist for iTunes by simply linking albums or songs I like.  So here goes… Tim Reynolds Bela Fleck