Major milestone

Last night I reached what I consider a major milestone with the Cobra.  I plugged the wiring harness’ back in after finishing the trimming.  It didn’t start on the first try but it did on the second!  Idled kind of rough but I suspect that’s because I didn’t tighten things down, like the battery terminals, and/or because I have a ground that I know I need to re-attach.  The important thing is that I didn’t remove anything I absolutely needed!

The wiring was a bit of a mental hurdle and I’m glad I’ve crested the hill with it.  I’m not done by any stretch, but I feel like I understand what most of the wiring is doing now.  At least from a fundamental sense.

Next up is hooking up the lights and making them work properly.  I’d like to verify that before I start tying the wiring into the car.  Easier to fix things while they’re draped over the frame.  I expect to have issues with the lights.

I’m excited about the possibility of actually having this thing on the road in a month or two.  It’s been a long time and I’m ready to drive it.

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