Wire diet, Part 2

I’m almost done with the wire diet.  I’ve trimmed out everything except about half of the dash harness.  That one’s taking a bit longer as I’m trying to be careful not to cut something important.  All of the harness were pretty simple with the exception of the dash.  The dash hasn’t been bad so far, just more questionable items.  It’s important to not cut wires that are actually bridged inside the plug!  I’ve already found one in the dash harness that I needed to remove and retain rather than chop it.

I hope to finish up the dash harness some time in the next couple of nights.  After that I’ll move the body back to the buck, lay in the harness and make sure everything starts.  At that point the fun begins as I can start routing everything and putting it in it’s final place.  I’ll also start on the dash at that point.

Working on the car again feels good.  Although parts of the wire diet have been challenging I can see my way through it.  I feel like it’s more in my repertoire.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…it’s still kinda dim but it’s there!

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