Major milestone

Last night I reached what I consider a major milestone with the Cobra.  I plugged the wiring harness’ back in after finishing the trimming.  It didn’t start on the first try but it did on the second!  Idled kind of rough but I suspect that’s because I didn’t tighten things down, like the battery terminals, […]

Wire diet, Part 2

I’m almost done with the wire diet.  I’ve trimmed out everything except about half of the dash harness.  That one’s taking a bit longer as I’m trying to be careful not to cut something important.  All of the harness were pretty simple with the exception of the dash.  The dash hasn’t been bad so far, […]

A@H new?

I usually enjoy Andy Abrahmson’s writing but come on Andy…this post makes it sound like Asterisk@Home is somthing new. As anyone reading my blog could tell, it’s been around for quite a while. And I didn’t even get into it until it was close to a 1.0 release. It’s up to 2.7 now! As I […]

Cisco router with FXO as an Asterisk gateway

It occured to me that I never wrote up how I managed to get Asterisk working with my Cisco 1760 as an FXO gateway. So, here it is: I have a Cisco 1760 that began it’s life as a CallManager Express (CME). After a while I transitioned it to an MGCP gateway for CM 4.1 […]


Amazingly enough, this is not a post about how I plan on working on the cobra soon.  I’ve actually worked on it this time!  Over the weekend I tagged and removed all of the wiring, moved the body back onto the frame, set up a 4×8 sheet of plywood as a table and started stripping […]

So true, so true

On my Quote of the Day: “A liberal is a person whose interests aren’t at stake at the moment.”   – Willis Player

Peanuts and beer

I have memories of Memorial Stadium in the summer, growing up.  I can remember sitting on the 3rd base line, about 20, maybe 30 rows up from the dugout.  Almost all of the times it was with my Dad.  He’d score the game and I’m sure I nagged him for food regularly.  I remember seeing […]