Finally, a new Systm

Kevin Rose has finally taken some time from Digg and done a new episode of Systm. If you aren’t familiar with Systm it’s a geeky tech show put out by a former TechTV guy. This one’s about one of my favorite programs that I don’t get to play with enough, Asterisk (or * if you […]


Kind of weird name but I like it… Performancing for Firefox | I just read about this over on Om Malik on Broadband : ยป Performancing for Firefox, Awesome I gotta say I think I love it. It’s basic in some regards but it seems to have everything in the right place. It looks […]

And another thing…about Firefox

I forgot to mention…there’s a lot more to Firefox. What I have below just scratches the surface. Tabbed browsing, extensions, there’s just a lot of cool stuff you can do. Get past the safe part and then check it out.

Another thing…about the safe surfing

I forgot to mention…if all of that is a bit too much to take in, buy a Mac. I don’t mean that in a disparaging way. I’m a big fan of Macs and it’s not as necessary (yet) to go through all those gymnastics. Just plug it in and go.

How to have a safe surfing experience

I seem to run into a lot of people who are still using Internet Explorer. They install all kinds of antivirus and anti-spyware tools, download google task bar (or worse, something else) for pop-up blocking and then still pray to the gods that they won’t get hurt. Seems like I’m always giving suggestions for how […]