CallManager forums

I’ve added a link to on the right. This is the forum where I discovered the CM5 beta. This and are the two Cisco CM dedicated forums I’ve found so far. Unfortunately they’re both sparse on contributions so far.

CallManager 5.0!

Well…I managed to get my hands on a beta copy of CM5.0. I’ve only started playing with but here’s what I’ve found so far. -It does indeed run on RedHat Enterprise Server. -It will install under MS Virtual Server and I would image VPC too. I get errors once it’s loaded about “Count too high, […]

My Apple wishes are answered!

Old news now but Apple has announced the move to Intel chips. Woot! I have high hopes that I’ll either be able to run visio through an emulation layer or through Virtual PC. Either way, I hope to get machine speeds out of it. Now I just need to hurry up and wait!