Still mushy

I bled the brakes again today, and again, it feels mushy. Seems to get more so after a couple of trips up and down the driveway. I hesitant to take into into the street until I can get this resolved. Bummer. There’s certainly other stuff I can work on, such as aluminum, wiring dash/gauges, more […]

Power steering

I’ve made a number of changes since last year. I decided to go with power steering. I was a little concerned about the difficulty of turning the stock de-powered rack. I had been considering getting a remanufactured rack from Autozone. I just decided that I would try the power pump first as I still had […]

Mushy brakes

After go-karting for the first time, some things have cropped up as a problem. Probably the most important thing is that the brakes felt mushy and got more mushy after just a little bit of use. I’ll have to go back and bleed them again and see if I can get them to tighten up. […]


I’m finally building again! As of May 8th, 2005 (Mothers Day) the car is a go-kart! Woohoo! The last year has kept me quite busy and I’ve had little time to work on it. About a year ago I had some guys come over to help try to get it on the road so I […]


Ok, that didn’t quite work the way I expected…I’m not finding a way to publish from Hello without sending a pic.

Hello test

I’m trying out Googles semi-recent acquisition of Hello. Hello’s kind of an IM type system except it’s not. The main purpose of Hello is for sharing pics with others through chat sessions. It has a couple of other cool features though. They claim the Hello protocol is more like P2P and that everything is encrypted […]

New Journal

Holy smokes. Almost a year since the last update. Lot’s been happening but not much with the cobra. I’m starting a new blog for the journal so this one will only be used for archival. Update:  This is the new blog