Skewed Sidepipe

Haven’t done much except gather parts over the last couple of weeks. Oh, and I hung the sidepipes. The passenger side is still giving me trouble and wants to stick out from the frame about 6 inches all the way at the end. I’ll just have to work it some more. Oh, and I start […]

First start!

I heard a beautiful sound yesterday. After three long years of owning this kit I finally started the engine. What a great sound! Thanks to a lot of help from Wade and Joe we fired it up around 6pm. I still need to get a belt on it and hook up the coolant but it’s […]

Double flaring

Happy Independence Day! Lot’s happened since I last wrote in here. Unfortunately, not much with the Cobra. The big news is that we will be moving into a new house in late August/early September. That’s occupied most of our time. The result is that’s I’ve spent virtually no time working on the Cobra. I did […]